Hill Country Grapevine

Come And Take It

Enough is too much! The pandemic has turned into a pandemonium and we, as citizens, may need to take matters into our own hands. When elected officials fail us, we must intercede. Closing the economy is not the solution for our ultimate survival. It is creating uncertainty and undermining confidence. Furthermore, the pervasive fear which has been maliciously propagated needs to be alleviated. Quit disseminating misinformation! Stop the nonsense!

There are already effective treatments available for COVID 19 or SARS-CoV-2. Apparently, this is not truly a novel virus. Doctors have said that 78% of this virus resembles SARS-CoV-1 effectively addressed back in 2005. There are patients who have successfully recovered and survived this respiratory disease with Hydroxychloroquine , Zinc and Zithromax, so something else is happening here. COVID 19 is among us and we must live with it. However, we have treatments and we’re closer to a vaccine. Stop the nonsense!

So who is profiting from this nonsense? Follow the money. Where does the money trail lead? Our elected officials have not been deemed nonessential and had their income interrupted. These needless economic shutdowns have not adversely affected them in any way. They are still able to make their mortgage payments, their car payments and , apparently, even profit from our misfortune! The mandatory masks are only evidence of an abuse of power and an attempt to manipulate and control. The science behind the mask is even questionable. However, there is a resistance growing among us. The dissent is real and ultimately will prevail. Texas will not tolerate this nonsense much longer. Many wineries have closed with no hope of reopening. Others are floundering in this pool of mismanagement. Stop the nonsense!

Our wine industry here in Texas has not faced so much opposition since prohibition. Many wineries are repermitting their properties to manage the current absurdities. Others are considering full kitchens to keep their doors open in the event of a new wave of nonsense. Let there be no doubt, the Texas wine industry will fight to stay open! Stop the nonsense!

In the first battle of the Texas Revolution in 1835, a Spanish-made bronze cannon furnished to the American colonists of Gonzales as a deterrent for hostile Indians became an object of contention with the Mexican authorities. When the Mexicans demanded that the cannon be returned, the “Texian” rebels organized “The Army Of The People” under General Stephen F. Austin and adopted the motto:


Rebellious Texans organized an “army of the people” and addressed the challenge with a bold motto! Already, more than 30 Texas bar owners have filed a 10 million federal lawsuit organized as the Texas Bar and Nightclub Alliance against Texas Governor Greg Abbott. Unfortunately, wineries, distilleries and breweries have been misclassified as bars because these entities are clearly agricultural production facilities. The Texas Hill Country is currently being constitutionally challenged just as the bars have been challenged. Our agricultural production facilities have been ordered to shut down without proper legal notice and without a case of imminent threat of harm. What if a majority of wineries, distilleries and breweries organized as the Texas Agricultural Production Facilities Alliance filed a similar lawsuit against the governor? Would it stop the nonsense or will other measures be necessary?